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Following on from my first traffic product 30 Day Traffic Flow it was suggested by John Thornhill that another product could be made using 3 of the top methods that I talk about in 30 Day Traffic Flow.

I diversified slightly and produced Traffics Cool and PDF Treble Top before I got around to doing 3 Top Traffic Tips.

All four of my products are heavily traffic themed with more than an hint of list building attached.

I decided that I would make 3 Top Traffic Tips into a viral report which anyone can personalize and give away to help them get traffic.

The 3 methods discussed in the report are the ones I spoke about when I made a guest post on John Thornhills blog. It’s name unsurprisingly is 3 Top Traffic Tips. In this article I talk about using forum and blog commenting, writing articles and doing guest blog posts.

Well my new report is based around those 3 concepts but with a lot more detail on the right and wrong way to go about it all. I have also included my blog commenting tool which can be used to keep track of your activity. I find it is an invaluable tool because when you are leaving comments all over the world it is easy to forget where you have been. Heck… I can’t even remember all the places I have been on holiday never mind visited on the web.

I know you can subscribe to the forum or blog feed but I am trying to cut down on emails and I never seem to use the RSS feed function. Any old how, it helps me so I thought I would add it to the already incredibly cheap (free) report.

If you would like a copy of both just sign up at http://www.3toptraffictips.com.



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