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Dave WhitworthHi, thanks for dropping by.

My name is Dave Whitworth, and I live in the UK in a town called Oldham. It is around 7 miles north of Manchester and it rains all the year round (well, it seems like it). I have been involved in Internet Marketing for as long as I have been online.

I might add, that for most of that time I spent chasing shadows, subscribing to everything going and spending much more than I would like to admit on the ‘next best thing’.

I hope to be able to help regular people like myself make some money online.

Making money online can be the most difficult and frustrating thing on earth if you don’t follow a set, proven formula.

Trust me, as I already said, I have wasted thousands of Dollars/Pounds and even more of my time trying to find that push button software that pulls in thousands of Dollars a day on autopilot. I still get tempted by the great sales pages and have to resist hitting the ‘Buy Now’ button in the hope that ‘this will be the one’.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of great stuff out there, but the automated cash cow does not exist.

Every so often, though, you might stumble upon something that actually works.

I hope to share with you what has worked for me and what projects I am working on at the time.

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