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Have you installed the Firefox find and replace add on?

I just did and it saved me a lot of time with one of my Aweber lists.

Did you know that if you create a list in Aweber and don’t create a welcome email all subscribers will show as last message received 1001.

That’s not a problem until you decide to create a sequence of emails and you would like your current subscribers to see your new messages.

To enable all existing subscribers that show as last message received 1001 to receive your new message sequence you have to change 1001 to 0.

I just recently did that with a list of over 1,000 and it took a while. :) I then decided to create an autoresponder sequence to another list and it was another one that I created without a welcome message.

I had used ctrl f to find 1001 but there wasn’t a way to replace it so I did a quick search and found there was a Firefox add on that did the job.

The moral of this story is always create a welcome message in Aweber it will save you a lot of time later.

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