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I have never been in so much trouble since I was a kid.

Recently I have had a Twitter account suspended which I spoke about in an earlier post called Suspended By Twitter.

Today I received a ‘friendly’ warning from Facebook about my adding of friends activity.

It was quite amusing how it came about as I had just been asked on my wall how I got so many friends.

This question came from a very good friend of my wifes called Janet.

I replied by saying I would like to think it is because of my good looks, wit and irresistible charm, but admitted it was because I keep seeing pictures of people to the right of my screen with a little message telling me we have mutual friends and a ‘add friend’ button which I duly oblige by pressing.

I then notice that you can open this box up and it shows a huge list of people who we have mutual friends.

Well I reckon there is no such things as strangers just friends I haven’t met yet so I add them all.

Until this morning when I got a little warning about adding people whom I might not know.

I am now banned for two days and have been warned about my future conduct.

Is the problem really about adding mutual friends or is it the amount I did in one sitting?

Anyway, I accepted my slapped wrist and went back to my wall only to be greeted by a little advert telling me that ‘these people’ found some friends using the friend finder why don’t you try it yourself?

Sometimes you just don’t know who your friends are!



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