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Recently I have joined a few giveaway events with mixed results.

I think they are a good way to increase your subscribers but there are just too many of them to keep track of. Even using the excellent Push Button Giveaways 2.0 which makes joining an event so easy, I still find I almost disappear up my own funnel at times.

Some of the larger events can be profitable for you if you get your gift near the first page but if you are on page 38 it can be a waste of time.

I decided to try out some smaller events and I think that you have a better chance of getting subscribers when your gift is not too far away from top spot. They work by rotating the gifts according to clicks sent to your link, so if you don’t promote the event you drop down the rankings.

Currently I am involved in a large mini event, if it can be described as such. There are 32 gifts on offer and some top marketers are vying for page one in an attempt to get maximum sign ups to their list.

Luckily for me, my gift started on page one and now it is game on to try to keep it there.

giftsClicking on the card will take you to the event whilst it is still live and there are some great gifts on offer.

I also have started to run my own events inside my Traffics Cool site which started life as a traffic site but has now grown to traffic and list building with a smattering of Internet Marketing stuff thrown in.

Actually, I think I have created a monster as it craves new content each month. There are over 100 reports which can be branded to help with traffic and list building and 3 separate courses from list building to personal and professional growth.

There are 10 free list building reports on offer just for becoming a free member and you can do that at http://www.traffics-cool.com. It would be great to have you along as a member.


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