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It’s only a matter of time yeh?

I know the feeling so don’t worry if you are struggling along.

One thing I can assure you of, is that if you are convinced that the solution to your success is just around the corner. The next miracle product you buy will be the one to make you a fortune then I am sorry, I don’t think I can help you!

You need to change your mindset and stop wasting money on stuff that doesn’t quite do what you hoped it would.

Sure, there are some great things for sale out there. WP Plugins for example are being sold in their thousands and the reason is they usually do what the sales page says.

I just wish I was techy minded enough to be able to create my own!

So, if you are struggling along and not making money yet I can offer you some advice from my experience. Here is a breakdown of what I feel you need or need to do to start to make money online:

  • Follow someone who has done what you want to do.
  • Create your own product to sell.
  • Build a list, preferably of buyers.
  • Build a relationship with your list and offer good information and recommendations.

Let’s go through the list and see if we can get you started towards making money online. Even if you have already made a little money these methods will add another string to your bow.

Follow Someone Who Has Done What You Want To Do:

Finding yourself a mentor, in my opinion is the best piece of advice that I or anyone else could offer you. It needs some thought though and is not something to rush into blindly. I had a bad experience with a so called ‘mentor’ many years ago. That’s a story for another day so we won’t dwell on it.

If you have been searching for success this won’t be the first time you have heard that you must follow someone who has done that, been there and produced the T Shirt.

So why haven’t you got a mentor yet?

If I may be so bold as to offer my opinion on why you haven’t got a mentor already I would say it was down to the cost.

A good enough reason if there ever was one and because of the mindset of most people not one that is easily overcome. It is a bit of a catch 22 situation.

Shelling out between $2,000 and $5,000+ upfront is a big ask for a lot of people and that is why the so called ‘Guru’s’ are making fortunes from us. We can’t afford a big outlay or we don’t want to take that risk but we can afford to buy that $47 cash producing piece of software that has just been released.

Even if it doesn’t work like the sales page says it would, surely we will get something from it, and anyway we can still afford to buy the onMH900442237e that’s coming out next week. Can’t we?

Fast forward 2 years down the line and take a look at where we are at!

We are no further on than we was 2 years ago. We have a hard drive full of great stuff but it has cost us between $2,000 and $5,000+ to get it. We are not making much if any money online but it’s only a matter of time!

If that scenario  rings any bells with you don’t let another 2 years go by. Do something about it now or you will learn the hard way just like I did!

After my first encounter with a mentor it took quite a leap of faith for me to sign up for another. It was by chance that I read an email from John Thornhill and found my way on to his coaching program. It cost at the time $4,000 and was I thought a bit expensive.

I think John has come to realize it was and now you can get better improved coaching for half the price. If you think you are ready for your own leap of faith you can check his current Partnership To Success Program out at http://davewhitworth.com/likes/P2SEasyPay

Create Your Own Product To Sell:

Creating your own product follows on nicely from my mentor advice above. Partnership To Success is all about product creation and when it is finished John will promote it to his huge list. This means your expenses so far are virtually guaranteed to be recouped.

If you decide you want to go it alone you still need to get some ‘Buy Now’ buttons in the marketplace or you will have to rely on affiliate offers.

Creating your own product doesn’t have to be as daunting as it might seem. You can get hold of great PLR products and turn them into your own product. You can easily put something for sale on JV Zoo once you have it finished.

You could even get some fresh PLR like the stuff that is created each month at PLR Monthly. They even provide sales and squeeze pages for you so if you wanted to go down that route you could have your first product for sale within hours.

Of course, it wouldn’t be unique as other members have access to it also but it is a start.

A great way to have your own product for sale is to purchase something with Master Resale Rights. Even better if the seller also gives you rights to edit it before you sell it.

For a good example of this take a look at http://www.multiprofitnow.com. This is something that John Thornhill and Dave Nicholson released to the public originally for $47 per month. A while ago they sold MRR to it and now I have it for sale on JV Zoo for $5.

Anyone who buys the product is given the opportunity to buy MRR for $17 which means they could have their own product for sale within hours again and this time it isn’t being given away all over like what happens to PLR products.

Also if you would like to earn 100% commissions on the front end and 50% on the upsell you can start by signing up at https://www.jvzoo.com/affiliates/info/24937.

It is best to sell your own stuff but sometimes selling things as an affiliate can bring huge rewards.

This brings me along to the next item on the agenda….

Build a List, Preferably of Buyers:

Building a list of only buyers would make the path to success so much easier than it is. Unfortunately building a list of buyers means you have to have something to sell. Do you see the recurring theme here?

You must get some ‘Buy Now’ buttons out there to build a list of buyers. In reality your list will consist of a mixture of buyers and freebie seekers and some that sit somewhere between the two.

It is however, imperative that at every opportunity you get as many email addresses as possible. Email marketing is not quite dead yet but it is getting harder to do.

Open rates and click through rates are in decline and it is harder than ever to get responsive subscribers on our lists. Having said that, building a list can still be a very productive way to earn money online.

When you are building your list it is important to keep buyers and freebie seekers in separate lists if you can. I use Aweber and by using automation rules I can set it to unsubscribe someone from one list when they subscribe to another.

Build a Relationship With Your List and Offer Good Information and Recommendations:

Once you start to build your list and your subscriber numbers increase it isn’t time to sit back and do nothing. You have to keep your subscribers interested in you and your emails and this can be a science in itself.

It is a good idea to offer your subscribers some great content and this doesn’t have to be a free gift every week. Good advice and information to help them is cool but don’t be afraid of throwing good offers in now and again.

People like to hear about whats happening and whats being released and if you recommend something and someone makes a purchase you make a commission and that is how you make money from your list.

Try to avoid the impersonal misleading emails if you can. Some marketers have a lot of success with this type of email but they have 100’s of thousands on their lists and don’t mind operating the churn and burn marketing strategy.

If you get anything from this post please let me know in the comments below.

Even if it is two years after you first read it and you just came back to thank me for saving you a fortune.

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