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I have recently been letting my subscribers know about the JV Giveaway events that I have entered in an attempt to increase my subscribers.

I had a reply from one subscriber who wondered how he could possibly start to build a list without having his own website or hosting.

It got me thinking and I set about finding a solution.

It didn’t take me long to work something out and hopefully my subscriber and anyone else in the same situation can now start their own list from scratch and at no cost.

It is not as though I mind spending money on tools to help me along in this business, but if you can get a service for free or cheaply then why not?

I have made a short video to give you a better idea of the process which is totally free to do. You can watch it here……
If you prefer written instructions then all you need to do is this 3 step process.
Get a free autoresponder here…. http://eepurl.com/eFR3Q. You can skip that part if you already have your own.
Get a gift with a ready made squeeze page here…… http://www.listlaser.com/?thankyou-page=7612.
Join the Mothers Day giveaway here …….. http://thejvlistgiveaways.com/md12/go/150/jv
When you sign up, invite your Facebook friends and your Twitter followers to join up.
Sit back and wait for people to join your list.
That’s it so no excuses, once you see that it works just rinse and repeat.
If you are really quick you might still be able to join these two giveaway events…

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