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Recently I was talking to John Thornhill about where I should go from here with my online journey. It was during that conversation that I mentioned an article I once wrote called ‘How To Make Money Online – Don’t Be A Plate Spinner’ I asked him how he managed to keep all his many plates spinning.

Other than taking things day by day he says he just looks at the weeks calender at what needs doing, prioritize a little and then gets on with it.

He doesn’t always achieve everything at the times intended but more often than not everything is achieved by the end of the week.

It really doesn’t pay to get yourself all stressed out about getting everything done on time. Some things can wait and whilst it can feel like walking through treacle as long as you don’t sink you will be fine.

Now back to my article. I thought I would share it here. Even though it is 5 years old some of it is still relevant today……………..

You must have seen those guys who spin the plates on sticks.

One after another they get the plates spinning until there are around 20+ plates spinning, and with just the occasional spin they keep them going until the act is over.

If you are not careful, your attempts to make money online can be akin to the amateur plate spinner. If you don’t master the art of spinning your first plate, there is no point moving onto the next plate.

So, trying to spin six plates at once before you learn how to spin one will only end up with a lot of broken plates.

Whilst it is widely known that the best way of making money online is with Multiple Income Streams, if you don’t master your first ‘plate’, spinning two will not be easier.

To get an idea of how many potential ‘plates’ are out there, all you have to do is a quick search on Google for “How To Make Money Online” (with quotes) and you can then work your way through the 645,000 sites and 39 pages of sponsored links.

Even if you whittle it down to your top 10 money making ideas it is still a lot of ‘plates’ to start with.

I just did a quick search and just on the first page there is a wide mix of ways to make money.

Blogs, Niche Content Websites, Text Link Ads, Squidoo, Elance, Avon, Affiliate Programs and then you have got others like Adsense, Adwords, Surveys, Type At Home and many products claiming to be the next amazing cash producing formula.

My advice to anyone looking to make money online, would be to start their first ‘plate’ in an area that interests them.

Thoroughly research your subject and be wary of the many scams out there.

If you are considering purchasing a program or product, email the owner with any questions you may have about his product.

If he can’t be bothered answering your email, why should he get your money?

If you do a search for “product name + review” you will get plenty of results of review sites. Bear in mind that these are someones opinions and opinions differ from one person to another.

Another popular search term is “product name + scam” and the results again will throw up thousands of sites suggesting what you are thinking of buying is a scam.

This was a very clever sales technique which encouraged people to click on the ad to see if what they were thinking of buying was a scam.

You are then taken through a tried and tested sales pitch of doubt and then hope and are ultimately guided towards a sale.

I say it WAS a clever sales technique, because in my opinion it is being used too often by too many.

Another way to research your subject is through forums. For example a search for “affiliate marketing forums” will bring up thousands of results and you will find lots of things under discussion and no end of opinions on the product or program you are thinking of joining.

Whatever area you decide to start in, remember get your first ‘plate’ spinning before you add another and another and so on until your own multiple income streams are spinning along nicely.

One last bit of advice, and this is the most important part of this article. YOU MUST TAKE ACTION.

Nobody is going to do it for you, there is no e-book that magically produces money once read.

You are the master of your own destiny, set yourself goals and TAKE ACTION.

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