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Recently I have been busy with branded reports.

I have created a couple of reports myself and put inside some affiliate links that others can re-brand.

I have also edited a few existing reports and made them brandable too.

Whilst I was doing it I thought it would be a good idea to make a free membership site and add any future reports to it.

I also created a viral bundle which has 2 squeeze pages a sales page and a thank you page. The branding process is slightly different than what I have used before and instead of having a report which you run through branding software it is all done online.

How the branding process works for my new reports is easy once you have done it once or twice. Click a link, add your affiliate ID and then either download your branded report or give out a link to your report stored on my server.

My new site is at http://www.viralreportprofits.com and you can help yourself to the reports which can help you get traffic, build your list and make some money.

Get into viral and spread yourself about.

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