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As a product owner it is imperative you have affiliate programs for your products. As an affiliate, the best way to make money is not by sending raw traffic to an affiliate offer.

The best way for an affiliate to make money is by building a list and then promoting affiliate offers to that list. It is not rocket science but a lot of newbie affiliate marketers miss this vital point. In my early days as an affiliate, I did send a lot of traffic to various offers. At the time Google didn’t mind you sending their Adwords traffic to an affiliate offer.

I earned some commissions but what happened to all the traffic I sent to the offer that didn’t buy?

Well, a lot of the sites also had optin forms and basically if I wasn’t providing buyers I was providing prospects.

Moral of the story? The first thing you should be doing is building a list. The second thing you should be doing is building a list and the …….. You get the picture!

Once you have built your list you need good things to promote to them. I would love to have you promote my stuff and in return I will promote yours. If you have a product that I can promote you can contact me at jv @ davewhitworth.com.

Here is a list of the products I have buy buttons on. They all have affiliate programs to earn yourself some money.

30 Day Traffic Flow – Sells on Clickbank for $27 and affiliates get 50% http://www.30daytrafficflow.com/affiliates/

Traffics Cool – Sells on JV Zoo and there are 3 payment levels. A $7 per month option, a $47 one time payment and a silver membership for $27.

Commissions for the monthly option are 75% on the first payment and 50 % for all others. Get your affiliate links here….

Multi Profit Now – Sells on JV Zoo for $5 and $17 for the upsell for reseller rights. Commissions are 100% upfront and 50% on the upsell get you links here….

Viral Report Profits – Is a free membership which has an upsell to Traffics Cool’s one time payment of $47 commissions are 50% and just by giving something away you can earn $23.50. Get your links here….

PDF Treble Top – Sells on Clickbank for $10 and affiliates get 50% commissions. http://www.pdftrebletop.com/affiliates/.

Unstoppable Traffic – Sells on DigiResults for $7 and has an upsell to Traffics Cool for $47. Commissions for both are 50% and you can get your links below….

I also have some other buy now buttons on one time offer pages but they are not for sale on their own. They are part of a funnel and you should be setting some funnels up yourself.

It doesn’t matter what niche you are in, you have to have buy now buttons to make more money than you would as an affiliate.

For an example of some of my front end funnels take a look below…

Instant IM Kickstart

Facebook Fortune Secrets

WP Clickbank Membership Plugin

    JVZoo Product Feed