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I recently added 30 Day Traffic Flow to JV Zoo and as you probably noticed I also have JV Zoo ads showing on this blog.

JV Zoo is really easy to join both as a seller and an affiliate and all commissions are paid directly to your Paypal account.

If you would like to display ads on your site it is really easy to do. Just download the JV Zoo Ad Manager plugin here…..http://www.davewhitworth.com/jvzoo-ad-manager-v1.zip upload it, activate it and follow the instructions to sign up at JV Zoo.

You can display ads above or below posts and either in the header or footer. You can even choose just to display ads in certain posts. You can choose any or all products you have been approved for. Which means you can target your visitors better.

For example you might have 2 sites in different niches and you promote products in both. You wouldn’t want to promote Internet Marketing stuff to your Self Improvement friends or vice versa, so you just choose the products best suited to your audience.

You do have to apply for approval for each product until the seller gets to know you and then they will automatically approve you.

I have noticed that some people are getting PLR material and selling it on JV Zoo. How much success they are having I don’t know, but it is so easy to set up a product for sale it might be worth looking into.

Attracting affiliates is a bit hit and miss and JV Zoo is not unlike other affiliate networks in that respect. If only it was a matter of putting a product up for sale and then your troubles are over. It certainly isn’t and anyone who tells you differently are misleading you.

It is early days for me as a seller and an affiliate at JV Zoo so I will have to report back at a later date whether I was successful or not. Until then I will give JV Zoo a good go, and look forward to trying out the new features that they promise to roll out soon.

If anyone has any experience of JV Zoo I would love to hear about it.



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