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Following on from the 3 Top Traffic Tips report which has the ability to go viral and earn you commissions, I decided to create another free report, this time about list building.

If you missed the traffic report you can get a copy at http://www.3toptraffictips.com.

If list building is what you are interested in you can get a copy of List Building 4 U at http://www.list-building-4u.com/free/.

I created the list building report using Omar and Melinda Martins excellent Speedy Profit Creator which if you get the Mac Daddy version you can easily create your own eBook with a few simple steps.

Check it out at http://davewhitworth.com/resources/SpeedyProfitCreator

As my list building report is one which you can brand with your own personal details along with your affiliate links I was a little worried that the Speedy Profit Creator software wouldn’t be able to handle the branding.

It seemed to cope brilliantly with it and the only thing I could find was a bit of unwanted code in the re-branding part of Viral PDF.

Nothing drastic and a simple way to create an eBook.

OK, where do I go next?

Well that is a good question, even if I asked it myself!

My PDF Treble Top is about to have a ‘proper’ launch on 28th May and if any affiliates would like to jump onboard you are more than welcome. Promo stuff can be found at http://www.pdftrebletop.com/affiliates/.

I would dearly love to continue my idea of a newbie friendly membership site but I seem to be coming up with more ideas against it than for it.

Firstly, there are countless membership sites which offer similar training, secondly it is extremely time consuming to create a membership site that shows the complete newbie Internet Marketer everything they need to know and thirdly, I don’t have enough time to drive traffic to my current products nevermind a new membership site.

I recently purchased some membership sites to see if there was any potential in them and so far I haven’t got very far with them. Granted other stuff has gotten in the way and maybe it is not the sites fault but my lack of involvement with them.

My last two brandable reports have slightly promoted them but using giveaway reports of this nature can take some time as not everyone can see there is some benefit for them if they just brand them and give them away.

So it is a case of carry on regardless and maybe practising what I preach and doing some more traffic generation.

No one said it would be easy! :)

Another problem (a nice one) is that I have got one and a half eyes on my next holiday which is rapidly coming close. We are off on a boat again on the Norfolk Broads and I can’t wait.


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