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List Building Free Report

Following on from the 3 Top Traffic Tips report which has the ability to go viral and earn you commissions, I decided to create another free report, this time about list building.

If you missed the traffic report you can get a copy at http://www.3toptraffictips.com.

If list building is what you are interested in you can get a copy of List Building 4 U at http://www.list-building-4u.com/free/.

I created the list building report using Omar and Melinda Martins excellent Speedy Profit Creator which if you get the Mac Daddy version you can easily create your own eBook with a few simple steps.

Check it out at http://davewhitworth.com/resources/SpeedyProfitCreator

As my list building report is one which you can brand with your own personal details along with your affiliate links I was a little worried that the Speedy Profit Creator software wouldn’t be able to handle the branding.

It seemed to cope brilliantly with it and the only thing I could find was a bit of unwanted code in the re-branding part of Viral PDF.

Nothing drastic and a simple way to create an eBook.

OK, where do I go next?

Well that is a good question, even if I asked it myself!

My PDF Treble Top is about to have a ‘proper’ launch on 28th May and if any affiliates would like to jump onboard you are more than welcome. Promo stuff can be found at http://www.pdftrebletop.com/affiliates/.

I would dearly love to continue my idea of a newbie friendly membership site but I seem to be coming up with more ideas against it than for it.

Firstly, there are countless membership sites which offer similar training, secondly it is extremely time consuming to create a membership site that shows the complete newbie Internet Marketer everything they need to know and thirdly, I don’t have enough time to drive traffic to my current products nevermind a new membership site.

I recently purchased some membership sites to see if there was any potential in them and so far I haven’t got very far with them. Granted other stuff has gotten in the way and maybe it is not the sites fault but my lack of involvement with them.

My last two brandable reports have slightly promoted them but using giveaway reports of this nature can take some time as not everyone can see there is some benefit for them if they just brand them and give them away.

So it is a case of carry on regardless and maybe practising what I preach and doing some more traffic generation.

No one said it would be easy! :)

Another problem (a nice one) is that I have got one and a half eyes on my next holiday which is rapidly coming close. We are off on a boat again on the Norfolk Broads and I can’t wait.


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3 Top Traffic Tips

Following on from my first traffic product 30 Day Traffic Flow it was suggested by John Thornhill that another product could be made using 3 of the top methods that I talk about in 30 Day Traffic Flow.

I diversified slightly and produced Traffics Cool and PDF Treble Top before I got around to doing 3 Top Traffic Tips.

All four of my products are heavily traffic themed with more than an hint of list building attached.

I decided that I would make 3 Top Traffic Tips into a viral report which anyone can personalize and give away to help them get traffic.

The 3 methods discussed in the report are the ones I spoke about when I made a guest post on John Thornhills blog. It’s name unsurprisingly is 3 Top Traffic Tips. In this article I talk about using forum and blog commenting, writing articles and doing guest blog posts.

Well my new report is based around those 3 concepts but with a lot more detail on the right and wrong way to go about it all. I have also included my blog commenting tool which can be used to keep track of your activity. I find it is an invaluable tool because when you are leaving comments all over the world it is easy to forget where you have been. Heck… I can’t even remember all the places I have been on holiday never mind visited on the web.

I know you can subscribe to the forum or blog feed but I am trying to cut down on emails and I never seem to use the RSS feed function. Any old how, it helps me so I thought I would add it to the already incredibly cheap (free) report.

If you would like a copy of both just sign up at http://www.3toptraffictips.com.



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Pre Loaded Blog Commenting Tool

There are many traffic generating methods out there and you may not believe it but they all work.

The problem with a lot of them is that you have to do some work to generate the traffic levels you require. What happens then is that you give up on them and blame the method.

A big part of my 30 Day Traffic Flow product is a spreadsheet that helps you track your traffic generating efforts.

I have created a similar tool just for blog commenting as I believe this is a great way to increase your visitors and it is free.

In 30 Day Traffic Flow I provide many ways to get free targeted traffic but they all need you to work at it.

When starting off or trying to increase your sites visitors it is better to concentrate on one or two methods to begin with and then move on to other methods.

In my Blog Commenting spreadsheet I have pre loaded it with 31 Internet Marketers blogs. You can add as many to it as you like.

Use this tool on a daily basis and you will see your sites visitors increase.

You will also increase your circle of contacts which could be of help with any future promotions you are doing.

You may have already tried blog commenting and had some success but maybe you haven’t kept track of your efforts.
You can always subscribe to a posts comment feed and receive updates via email if you like but can you remember all the blogs you have commented on?

Just enter your details below and you can have your own blog commenting tool.



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Track Your Visitors With Statcounter

Do you know who visits your site and how they leave it?

There are many plugins that you can use to keep track of your visitors but the one I use is Statcounter.

The free version gives me all the stats I need and it is good to see that on one of my sites most people leave through an affiliate link or via an Adsense ad.

Take a look at this short video and you will see it in action on my Cycling site….

Even if you don’t like the look of Statcounter you should really use something to keep track of your visitor stats even if it is Awstats or Webalizer from your control panel.

Until the next KISS moment.


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How To Build A List With No Website Or Hosting

I have recently been letting my subscribers know about the JV Giveaway events that I have entered in an attempt to increase my subscribers.

I had a reply from one subscriber who wondered how he could possibly start to build a list without having his own website or hosting.

It got me thinking and I set about finding a solution.

It didn’t take me long to work something out and hopefully my subscriber and anyone else in the same situation can now start their own list from scratch and at no cost.

It is not as though I mind spending money on tools to help me along in this business, but if you can get a service for free or cheaply then why not?

I have made a short video to give you a better idea of the process which is totally free to do. You can watch it here……
If you prefer written instructions then all you need to do is this 3 step process.
Get a free autoresponder here…. http://eepurl.com/eFR3Q. You can skip that part if you already have your own.
Get a gift with a ready made squeeze page here…… http://www.listlaser.com/?thankyou-page=7612.
Join the Mothers Day giveaway here …….. http://thejvlistgiveaways.com/md12/go/150/jv
When you sign up, invite your Facebook friends and your Twitter followers to join up.
Sit back and wait for people to join your list.
That’s it so no excuses, once you see that it works just rinse and repeat.
If you are really quick you might still be able to join these two giveaway events…

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JV Zoo Sellers and Affiliates

I recently added 30 Day Traffic Flow to JV Zoo and as you probably noticed I also have JV Zoo ads showing on this blog.

JV Zoo is really easy to join both as a seller and an affiliate and all commissions are paid directly to your Paypal account.

If you would like to display ads on your site it is really easy to do. Just download the JV Zoo Ad Manager plugin here…..http://www.davewhitworth.com/jvzoo-ad-manager-v1.zip upload it, activate it and follow the instructions to sign up at JV Zoo.

You can display ads above or below posts and either in the header or footer. You can even choose just to display ads in certain posts. You can choose any or all products you have been approved for. Which means you can target your visitors better.

For example you might have 2 sites in different niches and you promote products in both. You wouldn’t want to promote Internet Marketing stuff to your Self Improvement friends or vice versa, so you just choose the products best suited to your audience.

You do have to apply for approval for each product until the seller gets to know you and then they will automatically approve you.

I have noticed that some people are getting PLR material and selling it on JV Zoo. How much success they are having I don’t know, but it is so easy to set up a product for sale it might be worth looking into.

Attracting affiliates is a bit hit and miss and JV Zoo is not unlike other affiliate networks in that respect. If only it was a matter of putting a product up for sale and then your troubles are over. It certainly isn’t and anyone who tells you differently are misleading you.

It is early days for me as a seller and an affiliate at JV Zoo so I will have to report back at a later date whether I was successful or not. Until then I will give JV Zoo a good go, and look forward to trying out the new features that they promise to roll out soon.

If anyone has any experience of JV Zoo I would love to hear about it.



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List Building – Is It Worth It?

If you are building a list or thinking about building one, you may well have heard that the money is in the list.

You may have also heard that whilst this is true the real money is in your relationship with your list.

These snippets will have to do us until someone comes along with another headline to entice us into their list building course.

I don’t think my title ‘List Building – Is It Worth It?’ will be the next big crowd puller and you might wonder why I am being so negative.

I ask the question because I only part know the answer.

Like any other Internet Marketer I am in the process of building my list. I follow the tried and tested methods to drag their email address off them kicking and screaming.

Well, hopefully they are not all kicking and screaming, but sometimes it seems like it!

I join JV Giveaways and have paid for solo ads and have a pop over to grab (annoy) my visitors on my blog.

I have produced my own product and started to build a list of buyers and everything is moving along nicely.

I use Aweber, which is highly recommended by lots of Internet Marketers and recently I thought I would see how much it will cost me when I get a huge list.

Currently if you have up to 500 subscribers it will cost you around $19 per month. You can go quarterly or yearly which makes it a bit cheaper.

Between 501 and 2,500 will cost you an extra $10 per month.

Between 2,501 and 5,000 will cost you an extra $30 per month.

Between 5,001 and 10,000 will cost you an extra $50 per month.

Between 10,001 and 25,000 will cost you an extra $130 per month and if you have more than 25,000 subscribers could you let us know how much it is as they don’t say.

Ok, now I will get to the point of this post. Is it worth it for someone to squeeze one more subscriber and reach 10,001?

Not that this conundrum will bother me for a while yet, but I like to plan in advance. :smile:

That one subscriber will cost you an extra $80 per month so they better be heavy spenders!

Do you do any form of list maintenance?

Is it not something us mere mortals should worry about? Once we join the elite, will our list make us that much money we won’t need to worry about it?

Do you always use double optin or do you have some lists that are single?

I should imagine that building a list of single optins is fraught with danger with false emails still counting on your account.

I am not a compulsive tracker and tester by any means so I can’t put accurate figures on it all, but I think every 6 months or so I will take stock of who is responding to my emails and cull the non responsive ones.

I have a feeling though, that it might not be quite as simple as that!

Any thoughts on a postcard please!



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Following on from the release of 30 Day Traffic Flow I have my second traffic and list building site called Traffics Cool.

It is my intention that it will develop into a Traffic, List Building and Make Money Center of Excellence. I am working on the idea of having a membership site which caters for all levels of Internet Marketing experience.

It is a while of creation at the moment and I would like to show you what it is at the moment.

There is a free sign up where you can get 7 free traffic and list building reports and an option to join the ‘Inner Circle’ for $10. Inside there are loads of resources and anyone who joins now will become a lifetime member when the membership site is launched.

I have put together a short video to explain everything here…….

To join me in this journey you can sign up at http://www.traffics-cool.com/free/

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How To Make Money Online – Don’t Be A Plate Spinner!

Can your site be penalized for duplicate content if the content is your own?

The answer is probably not the whole site but this post might not be ranked highly.

I will get to the point in a moment.

Recently I was talking to John Thornhill about where I should go from here with my online journey. It was during that conversation that I mentioned an article I once wrote called ‘How To Make Money Online – Don’t Be A Plate Spinner’ I asked him how he managed to keep all his many plates spinning.

Other than taking things day by day he says he just looks at the weeks calender at what needs doing, prioritize a little and then gets on with it.

He doesn’t always achieve everything at the times intended but more often than not everything is achieved by the end of the week.

It really doesn’t pay to get yourself all stressed out about getting everything done on time. Some things can wait and whilst it can feel like walking through treacle as long as you don’t sink you will be fine.

Now back to my article. I thought I would share it here. Even though it is 5 years old some of it is still relevant today……………..

You must have seen those guys who spin the plates on sticks.

One after another they get the plates spinning until there are around 20+ plates spinning, and with just the occasional spin they keep them going until the act is over.

If you are not careful, your attempts to make money online can be akin to the amateur plate spinner. If you don’t master the art of spinning your first plate, there is no point moving onto the next plate.

So, trying to spin six plates at once before you learn how to spin one will only end up with a lot of broken plates.

Whilst it is widely known that the best way of making money online is with Multiple Income Streams, if you don’t master your first ‘plate’, spinning two will not be easier.

To get an idea of how many potential ‘plates’ are out there, all you have to do is a quick search on Google for “How To Make Money Online” (with quotes) and you can then work your way through the 645,000 sites and 39 pages of sponsored links.

Even if you whittle it down to your top 10 money making ideas it is still a lot of ‘plates’ to start with.

I just did a quick search and just on the first page there is a wide mix of ways to make money.

Blogs, Niche Content Websites, Text Link Ads, Squidoo, Elance, Avon, Affiliate Programs and then you have got others like Adsense, Adwords, Surveys, Type At Home and many products claiming to be the next amazing cash producing formula.

My advice to anyone looking to make money online, would be to start their first ‘plate’ in an area that interests them.

Thoroughly research your subject and be wary of the many scams out there.

If you are considering purchasing a program or product, email the owner with any questions you may have about his product.

If he can’t be bothered answering your email, why should he get your money?

If you do a search for “product name + review” you will get plenty of results of review sites. Bear in mind that these are someones opinions and opinions differ from one person to another.

Another popular search term is “product name + scam” and the results again will throw up thousands of sites suggesting what you are thinking of buying is a scam.

This was a very clever sales technique which encouraged people to click on the ad to see if what they were thinking of buying was a scam.

You are then taken through a tried and tested sales pitch of doubt and then hope and are ultimately guided towards a sale.

I say it WAS a clever sales technique, because in my opinion it is being used too often by too many.

Another way to research your subject is through forums. For example a search for “affiliate marketing forums” will bring up thousands of results and you will find lots of things under discussion and no end of opinions on the product or program you are thinking of joining.

Whatever area you decide to start in, remember get your first ‘plate’ spinning before you add another and another and so on until your own multiple income streams are spinning along nicely.

One last bit of advice, and this is the most important part of this article. YOU MUST TAKE ACTION.

Nobody is going to do it for you, there is no e-book that magically produces money once read.

You are the master of your own destiny, set yourself goals and TAKE ACTION.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/562774

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How To Add A Gravatar To Your Posts And Comments

If you have seen posts that have comments with the authors picture or an image other than a silhouette of a head and wondered how to do your own, this post is for you.

In my opinion it is best to use your own picture and not to hide behind an image of the devil or something. Unless of course you really are the devil.

People are more likely to associate with you if they can see your face and follow your link to your site.

It really is simple to have your own Gravatar and all you need is a picture of you and an email address.

The first thing you need to do is sign up at Gravatar.com .

Click the link to sign up and you will see a screen like this

Just enter your email address and you will be taken to a screen explaining how to confirm your email.

You will then be asked to provide an image to use as your Gravatar and there are a number of ways you can do this.

You will then be given your options for you to provide a picture.

Once you locate your image you are then asked to crop it to how you would like it to show. If it is OK as it is just click ‘Crop and Finish’

The next screen is where you rate your picture. I don’t mean that you say “great picture I am gorgeous” or “I didn’t like how the wind made me look bald”

You select one of the options shown on-screen.

On the next screen you are asked to choose an image to use for your email address. You can also add more emails if you like and also more images.

The next time you post a comment anywhere that accepts Gravatars just use the email address you signed up with and your lovely self will be there for all to see.

I know you are itching to try it out so go on comment away………

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