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What Do Teens Really Think Of Email?

Aweber are in my opinion the forerunners of email services.

With more and more youngsters communicating by Social Media and messaging services, they quite rightly wondered what would become of email in future generations.

Would email be used to communicate or would it fade slowly away.

Here is the results of a recent survey…..

Data and infographic by AWeber Email Marketing


Personally, I think that until big online companies stop asking for your email address, the email will be with us for a long time.




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Clickbank Start To Get Tough!

Clickbank Start To Get Tough!

And not before time in my humble opinion.

If you have purchased anything from the Clickbank Marketplace recently, you may well be happy with your purchase. On the other hand you might be reaching for the refund button 15 minutes after you realized what you actually got.

Why they spend fortunes on producing great sales pages only to sell you a sub-standard product is beyond me.

It has been noted that some products have had 80% refund rates. Obviously Clickbank would not be happy with this for a number of reasons and hopefully the main reason they have done something about it is because it is harmful to their reputation as the number one site for digital products.

They are clamping down on all those fake testimonials you see on the sales pages and any sales pages or videos which give false claims of earnings.

Saying there are only 300 copies when they will sell as many as they can is also banned. False scarcity was something that you saw a lot of, hopefully not anymore.

Saying that something once sold for xx price when in reality it never did is a no no.

Upsells and downsells are now restricted to 3 and 2 respectively and they must be enhancements of the original product and not required to make them work.

I recently bought something which had 8 upsells and when I got to the product it was not possible to use part of it without further purchase. Suffice to say that was the quickest refund in my history.

To read more about the guidelines go to clickbank here….

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Floods Of Traffic!

If only we could guarantee floods of targeted traffic to our websites!

Well, maybe we can but I suggest it is not quite as easy as some make it out to be.

As the Internet continues to evolve, new ways to get traffic (get our money) seem to appear weekly.

Or so the sales page or sales video would have us believe.

I am working on a traffic system which will guarantee you will get targeted traffic to your website or offer.

I must warn you though, there is some work involved, but if you follow the system you will get a steady flow of traffic which in turn could turn into a river and then a flood.

Stay tuned and you will be the first to know when I publish.

Until then, I have taken precautions just incase I cause too much of a flood. Take a look at my new car (dream on)……

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Spam Spam Spam Egg and Spam!

In some circles the word ‘spam’ is attributed to the sketch by Monty Python. If you are not familiar with that particular sketch you can see it here……….

Spam as we know it in internet terms is about the unsolicited emails and blog comments we receive.

I have lost count of the amount of lottery winnings I could collect (who needs money?) or recently I have had a problem with my US taxes and some parcels from UPS have had some problems. Oh, and there are the many emails I get offering to enlarge specific parts of my anatomy.

These are just a nuisance and get deleted straight away. Some others you might get look as though they come from a legit source offering you the chance to purchase something. Did I subscribe to that? It could be from something I signed up for years ago offering to build a list for me or another one that I opted into to receive double opted in email addresses.

I meant to unsubscribe to those years ago and now is a good time to do it as I clear the way for total concentration for my job in hand.

Was you aware that if you click on the unsubscribe link in some of the spam emails you may well get unsubscribed from that list but you have just confirmed your email address is a live one and you will soon feel the wrath of other spammers as you have just been added to a premium cd which will be sold on to other spammers.

On to comment spamming and if you have a blog you will know what I mean.

The Akismet plugin does a great job of whittling out spam but I still find myself going through them just incase a legit comment sneaked through.

I have just installed SI CAPTCHA to this blog so any automated comments will not even get to my Akismet Plugin.

You don’t mind people getting a link to their site if they post relevant comments but things like ‘nice post’ or ‘I agree’ will not get you anywhere.

The same principle applies if you are using forums to get yourself a little traffic. If you just keep throwing in one liners and not giving anything to the community you will get banned.

The moral of this story is to do everything online and offline in an honest ethical manner and if you try to trick people you will get found out in the long run.

Regards Dave

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Traffic and Building a List – Are They Related?

Two of the most problematic areas for anyone online is getting traffic and building your list.

For the uninitiated, traffic is the term for website visitors and your list is simply a list of people who have signed up to receive information from you.

So, you have built your website and it is truly something to be proud of. ‘I have built it, they will come’

And you wait and wait and the floods of traffic you deserve fail to materialise.

Eventually, after checking your Google rankings on an hourly basis, your hours of forum marketing, blog posting, link swaps, traffic exchanges and social marketing begin to pay off.

You start to see your site stats creep up and you walk around with a spring in your step and a smile on your face.

Months go by and your visitors are on the increase, a Digg here and a Tweet there to tell everyone about your great content on your site.

Wow, this is easy. If all I have to do is write good unique content by the hour, Google will love my site and all searchers for my keywords will crash my server day after day.

Of course, creating good unique content daily is not as easy as it seems. Depending on what niche you are in you might not be able to produce unique content every day.

You remember that when you started out you were told you MUST add content to your site on a very regular basis. Depending on who you listened to this could be anything between 1 and 5 posts daily (for a blog).

A few years ago, it wouldn’t matter if you raided the article directories for content but nowadays you will find yourself dropping down the rankings quicker than (insert own analogy here) if you overdo it with the copycat content.

Google has decided that if you are not giving their searchers good relevant content then they will not show your site in the first few pages at best. At worst you could find your site completely de-listed if you don’t take action soon.

I have a number of auto blogs which didn’t seem to be doing too badly until recently. Now, I have to check my site rank with my Market Samurai software just to see how low they have gone.

It is just as well, I hadn’t put all my eggs in one basket and the ‘Rise and Fall’ of the Dave Whitworth empire will soon become the ‘Fall and Rise’.

It is just another confirmation that the steps I am now taking, and will be for the rest of my Internet career, will follow a tried and tested formula with only ethical activities being followed.

This blog will only have content that I have created or from trusted guest bloggers.

I apologise for going off on a tangent, but getting back to traffic and lists. It is better to get targeted traffic and a responsive list than it is to invite all the world to view your wares.

If you have 500 people interested in what you have to sell and 5000 people interested in what you have to give away, which do you think would be the most productive?

Now, I am not suggesting that you shouldn’t offer free stuff as an incentive to get people on your list as I am a great believer in the old saying ‘give and ye shall receive’.

I will get into how we go about getting targeted visitors and subscribers later.

Until then Best Regards






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Back To The Real World

Just got back from a family holiday on the Norfolk Broads, here is a picture of our home for the duration.


Alpha Vulcan
Alpha Vulcan

We had some great weather, with only one day of rain and a few cloudy days but also plenty of sunshine.

As is usual with my previous visits, something always happens which stays with you for the rest of your life.

Unlike holidays abroad which tend to be sun, sea and sangria, the Norfolk Broads have always given me lasting memories.

On this occasion, the one that I will be reminded of forever was on our first mornings journey.

It was our intention to go from the Southern Broads to the Northern Broads as soon as possible.

I had arranged to reserve a mooring at a pub called Berney Arms. This remote pub is on the edge of Breydon Water and is only accessible by river rail or by foot.

Breydon Water is a large expanse of water but has only a narrow channel which is regularly dredged to stop it from silting up.

Passing through it is fairly straight forward if you follow some guidelines. Passage times are dependant on draft of boat, tides and weather.

There are coloured posts to stay between and so you would think it would be easy.

Our passage time for this particular morning was 5.30am and after sampling one or two of the pubs real ales it was a bit of a struggle getting up. I heard a couple of passing boats which prompted me to get up and to my amazement the rest of the crew were awake.

I turned on the power and got the deck hands ready to cast off.

Looking out of the boat I noticed a very heavy mist was just starting to lift off the water and could only see about 300 yards ahead.

This is when my first mistake happened. Knowing all too well that it was hazardous to cross in limited visibility, I figured that others had just set off, so it should be ok.

We set off and I was steering with my daughter Lucy sat with me. The mother in law was making a drink and my wife and my mother chatting.

The first 500 yards were easy and I thought everything was going ok. Without warning I somehow lost sight of the marker posts to my left but thought it was because the mist had got thicker.

Thankfully, Lucy spotted that the posts we were looking for were over to our right past the posts which should have been on our left.

We had gone outside the designated channel and the boat suddenly slowed. I quickly put it in reverse going back the way we came. You could see the bottom of the river all churning up at the side of the boat.

If I had tried to turn or carried on forward we would have run aground.

Now, this is not a life threatening situation, but it would have been very embarrassing having to wait hours for high tide or for the tug boat to drag her off.

Anyway, that was our near miss and the rest of the holiday whilst being very memorable was relatively trouble-free.

Dave Whitworth

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Unless you have only just got started in Internet Marketing, you will have noticed that most sales pages are now video sales pages. More and more videos are being used in squeeze pages.

I will have to embrace this idea if I am to keep up with the times and so should you.

You don’t necessarily have to sit in front of a camera to make a video. You can use screen capture software like Camtasia (30 day free trial) and Camstudio (free, but not as many features).

If you are interested in getting involved with Video Marketing I have a free e-book to give you today. Here is the first chapter from the book…..

Introduction To Video Marketing

—–There is no better way to penetrate your market and get people excited about your offer than with video marketing campaigns. Not only can you exploit the power of video marketing to propel your viewers into taking action, but you can quickly establish a defined brand of your own.

Videos add life to our marketing campaigns. They transform static, traditional campaigns into action-driven presentations that unleash our message in a powerful, dramatic way.

Videos also give you the unique opportunity to communicate with your target audience in a way that puts you in touch with what is truly important to them, what motivates them, and what will leave an everlasting impression.

But videos are even more valuable than just providing you with an interactive vehicle for your marketing message.

Videos also help to increase the value of your products, and even your brand. If you are involved in information marketing, you can instantly ramp up the perceived value of your products by adding in video based components. People often learn better when they are given a visual as to their tasks and the end result, and creating dynamic video lessons or

Video Marketing Secrets tutorials will instantly increase conversion rates, and skyrocket your income.

So, now that you understand just how important high quality video presentations are to your marketing message, let’s take a closer look at how you can develop laser targeted video campaigns that speak your customer’s language.

After all, not all videos are created equally. —-

To read the rest of the book just claim your bonus below….

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Are you just starting out on an incredible journey trying to make money online.
Or have you already started your journey but are not sure which direction to take?

This post could save you thousands of dollars and hours and hours of your time.

Have you heard the old adage ‘do as I say and not as I do’?
Well, in this case it is ‘do as I say and not what I have done’.

Let me try to explain, first of all, the meaning behind this post’s title.
How To Make Money Online – It’s Not What You Know – It’s Who You Know!

I have downloaded thousands of free ebooks about how to make money online. I have read some of them but the rest remain on my hard drive which is about to be transferred to that place close to the sky – The Attic

Do yourself a favour and don’t download anything you don’t intend to use. If you must download it and haven’t used it within a week, don’t hoard it, delete it.
I know it is not easy to do but this is how I can save you thousands of hours of wasted time.

Are you a sucker for the latest must have software or e-book?

Save your money unless you have had it recommended by a reputable source and it is something you need and will use.
Following this principle will save you thousands of dollars over the years and I know this is true because I used to be the perpetual journeyman, moving from one product to the next to the next and so it went.

If you don’t take my advice now, years will go by and all you will have to show for it is some fragmented knowledge about how to make money online, a hard drive full of stuff you will never use, the odd affiliate sale, and a bank balance which could have been a lot healthier.

Believe me when I tell you that when you get to this stage after many years, it is hard to defragment your life.

So, you have learnt quite a lot over the years, but if you analysis it, you probably learned hundreds of ways of doing the same thing.

This is where the ‘It’s Who You Know’ comes into play and let me tell you about an experience that set me back years.

I had been trying to make some money online and soon realised that with everything there was to learn and all the places I could get it from, sometimes at a price. I would need guiding through the minefield of Internet Marketing.

I got myself a mentor.

I feel as if I am on a psychiatrist’s couch here, because this is the first time I have ever told this story to anyone, not even my family.
I was paying around $47 a month to learn everything I needed to succeed online. I received weekly lessons on how to set up a web site and how to monetize it and so on.
The kind of stuff you can find anywhere for nothing nowadays.

I had a weekly Skype call with my mentor, but this turned out to be a proofreading session where I would go through next weeks content for him and correct any spelling mistakes and grammar.
He also admitted to not being very good with html and I seemed to be answering more of his questions than he was of mine.

After six months I was no further on than when I started and I felt conned and disillusioned with the whole Internet Marketing scene.

It was about the same time that I had been trying out a betting system for soccer matches.
Betfair was getting big with the concept of the gambler now being able to be the bookie.
I totally ignored the Internet Marketing scene and concentrated on sports betting.

I had some success, but it was a little hairy as you stood to lose a lot to gain a little on each bet.
I got wiped out on one tennis match betting ‘in play’ and decided there must be a better way to make some money online.
That was around 4 years ago and I decided to go back to Internet Marketing. I was convinced that there is a way to succeed but it is not easy on your own.

However, my experience with my previous mentor put me off paying for someone to show me what to do. I would plod on and work it out for myself.

I have had some success over the years that followed but not enough to retire yet.

I recently decided that if I carried on the way I was that in another 10 years I would probably be not much further on, so I would find a mentor.
Well, my mentor found me!

When I changed from a desktop PC to my Laptop I set up my email accounts using Webmail. I left behind around 100,000 unopened emails, some just in my inbox and others filtered out into their own folders because they were ‘important’.

Anyway, that is history. When I started to get my emails to my laptop I decided I would check them out as they arrived and unsubscribe to any I didn’t want.

I spent the next few weeks checking out my email as it arrived and one of them was from John Thornhill. I subscribed to John’s Newsletter many years earlier but he was one of many that got lost in my system.

I liked the way John didn’t try to ram stuff down your neck and checked out a couple more emails over the next few weeks.
I then received one about an old coaching program that John had previously sold for $497. He was now selling it for $19.99.
I decided to check it out and was surprised at how much you got for such a cheap price.

I was that impressed I decided it was time for a one on one mentor and that is where I am at today.

Rubbing shoulders with some of the most successful Internet Marketers in the business and learning the right way to go about things.
It is not an overnight thing, you have to be prepared to work and the program is for 12 months and it is a ‘high ticket’ product, but If you don’t spend thousands of dollars chasing your tail you could afford this easily.

I apologise for the length of this post and congratulate you if you are still here reading this. If you are, I would suggest you have what it takes to succeed and maybe just need a little guidance.

There is nothing wrong with asking for help and there are plenty reasons why you should.

One last little story, and I don’t believe in coincidences but, when I was looking for a mentor I came across a sales page for one of Omar Martin’s products ‘Higher Level Strategies Personal Mentorship’.

If it wasn’t for the fact that I received John’s email and John is based in the UK and Omar in the US, I may very well have gone with Omar’s coaching.

Now to stretch the realms of coincidences (if you believe in them) a little further, it turns out that Omar was one of John’s first students when he started his Masterclass Coaching Program. This is not the $19.99 one but is the next level of coaching.

And, to even top all of the above as part of my one on one coaching we have a weekly live webinar with John and guess who was also on this weeks? Yep, Omar.

We get to find out where they are up to, what they are currently working on and exclusive behind the scenes insights to how their businesses work. Awesome!

Check out John’s $19.99 Coaching Program here….
Check out John’s Masterclass Coaching Program here…..
Omar’s coaching program that I was checking out is ‘Higher Level Strategies Personal Mentorship’ but during the webinar he told us about his ‘Unfair Advantage ‘Live’ Weekly Coaching’ I have checked this out and it is also awesome with everything you need under one roof.

Regards Dave

P.S. Remember that when the student is ready, the master he shall appear.

All I ask from you when you are successful, is to come back here and tell us about your journey.

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Google The Big I Am

It seems at the moment that all my posts are very negative.

I am by nature a very positive person but sometimes you can’t help getting a little down.

If you read my recent posts you would know about my Twitter ban and my Facebook warning.

I didn’t mention that about six months ago I had my Google AdWords account suspended because of low quality ratings.

They did this after I had spent around $200 and admittedly the ads had flagged up low quality warnings which I thought I had dealt with, but to no avail.

Try to appeal to these mega beings and you are wasting your time.

Now the great Google is wiping out any website they think is not providing good value.

What is wrong with a website that gives good unique content and then throws in some ads or some relevant articles by someone else?

Take for example my Cycling For Fitness website.

How much new unique content can you write about your hobby?

“Today I rode for 3 hours” or “Today I did some hill climbs”

No, you try to give a little of your experiences and also if you find some good content, why not share it?

And what is wrong with adding some ads to your site. You won’t get rich with Adsense but if you can cover your cost’s what is the problem.

I totally agree with the thinking behind the great almighty. Trying to give their searchers the best relevant content they can.

Let’s face it, there is a lot of crap put up, blatantly copying other websites and not even giving credit to the originator.

Those sites should, quite rightly be orbited into cyber space but others that are trying to give good content should be given a little breathing space.

My Cycling For Fitness  site ranked number one for the search term Cycling For Fitness until recently. Now it is around the 300 mark.

Maybe I should have put more unique content on the site, but like I said before, how much unique content can I give when competing with 13 million other sites?

Anyhow, this is the last negative rant I shall be having.

I promise to abide by the great Google, Facebook and Twitter rules and provide good relevant unique content. I won’t spam my twitter friends, even accidentally like I did:)

I won’t try to add all the friends Facebook tell me are waiting for me and I promise to be a good boy from this day forth.

I hope my experiences will help you avoid these pitfalls as there is no come back, no appeal worth the time. These sites rule the earth.

Play by the rules and you will be ok. Slightly bend them and you are putting your neck on the line. Completely ignore them and you are doomed.

Dave Whitworth

P.S. Check out these great bonuses just for reading this post!

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First A Twitter Ban Now A Facebook Warning!

I have never been in so much trouble since I was a kid.

Recently I have had a Twitter account suspended which I spoke about in an earlier post called Suspended By Twitter.

Today I received a ‘friendly’ warning from Facebook about my adding of friends activity.

It was quite amusing how it came about as I had just been asked on my wall how I got so many friends.

This question came from a very good friend of my wifes called Janet.

I replied by saying I would like to think it is because of my good looks, wit and irresistible charm, but admitted it was because I keep seeing pictures of people to the right of my screen with a little message telling me we have mutual friends and a ‘add friend’ button which I duly oblige by pressing.

I then notice that you can open this box up and it shows a huge list of people who we have mutual friends.

Well I reckon there is no such things as strangers just friends I haven’t met yet so I add them all.

Until this morning when I got a little warning about adding people whom I might not know.

I am now banned for two days and have been warned about my future conduct.

Is the problem really about adding mutual friends or is it the amount I did in one sitting?

Anyway, I accepted my slapped wrist and went back to my wall only to be greeted by a little advert telling me that ‘these people’ found some friends using the friend finder why don’t you try it yourself?

Sometimes you just don’t know who your friends are!



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