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Ethical Marketers Only Need Apply!

Ethical Marketers only need apply.

There soon will be some kind of an uprising with only ethical marketers rising to the top.
If you are involved in Internet Marketing in anyway at all, you will have noticed the rise in what can only be described as crash and burn marketers.

They get as many subscribers and purchasers as they can by doing a massive product launch involving virtually every online marketer in the world.

They are not bothered if you unsubsribe or even if you get a refund. They know that there will be plenty more where you came from.

Take the creators of the program which produced my Free Fast Cash Videos Course.
They produced a great product which basically gives the purchaser a membership site which gives away free videos.

They produced a great dashboard with some extensive training and then launched with a great sales page/video.

As part of the sale there were promises of further training which would bring extra income.
Why then, did they seem to abandon it shortly after launch.

Obviously to move onto the next great launch.

If you sign up for the free videos you will see how much work has gone into this and I am just glad that I now own the rights to this and it is installed on my server.

I may be a bit harsh on these guys, as like I said they have given good value in their product only to leave it with so much more to offer.

Whilst I am not suggesting they are unethical they just let themselves down as any form of contact with them has been ignored.

What is worse, and this is where we head towards unethical, is the product launch which obviously has an actor presenting it and it promises to make you a fortune with 6 clicks of the mouse.

When you actually buy the product you find it is some re-hashed software that you probably bought 2 years ago.
These type of marketers are the ones who will need to watch out come the revolution.

Check out the free vids and if you don’t like them you can always send them into cyber space!
Free Fast Cash Videos Course

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This Is Where I Am – How About You?

I once wrote an article which I submitted to Ezine Articles, it was called ‘How To Make Money Online – Don’t Be A Plate Spinner’ 

It was in 2007 and I was convinced that this Internet Marketing was easy peasy.

Well, here I am today 4 years later and the plates are still spinning.

One difference from then to now is that I am really good at spinning plates and have only smashed a few over the years.

My Internet Marketing life was always a bit of a hobby to me. I probably convinced myself that if I didn’t get anywhere it didn’t matter because it was only a hobby.

I have spent an obscene amount of money on some rather obscene products.

I am sure I am not the only one who has done this and if you analyse  how it has happened you only have yourself to blame.

Have you seriously followed to the letter each and every ebook or course that you bought?

I doubt it. Or am I hoping it is not just me who fell for every great sales page?

Recently I have had some success with my blogs and mainly with promoting things from Amazon.

Amazon has to be one of the best places for the affiliate marketer. When your customer gets to Amazon through your link they are bombarded with loads of relevant stuff.

Even when they decide to purchase they are offered what other people also bought. That is a great strategy and often results in extra sales.

So where am I in the great scheme of things.

I have spent the last 3 years building blogs and static sites without a great deal of success. I have learnt that if you want to build a business you have to provide good unique content and that will be ok with human visitors and robotic ones.

I also learnt that whilst I am sure that you can make a good honest income online, there is no such thing as the totally automated cash cow.

You must stay focused and follow a well trodden path.

There are so many twists and turns that can be made on the Internet, even on a daily basis that I now find myself putting my faith in a mentor.

It is not the first time I used a mentor as many years ago I recognised the need to learn from someone who knew what they were doing.

It transpired that I answered more questions from this mentor than he answered from me.

I was even proof reading his material for him before publication.

Suffice to say it has taken a long time for me to trust anyone online.

I have now got myself another mentor and he is called John Thornhill and I am putting my faith in him showing me the correct way to go forward.

I know I am not far away and just need pulling through the mire.

So, thats pretty much me. How about you?

Dave Whitworth

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Suspended By Twitter

Yesterday I had one of my accounts suspended by Twitter and I am not happy.

It is not their fault. I was using an automated software called TweetAdder, and if I am totally honest (which I am) I was overusing it.

I set it up to follow and unfollow and to auto tweet as set out in the videos but then I changed a few settings added more tweets which then bordered on spamming if not actually spamming.

It is a great piece of software if you use it carefully but beware Twitter doesn’t like automation and I can empathise with that but some tweets just cry out to be automated.

In reality, the best way to use twitter is to build who you are following and your followers slowly and tweet some ‘real’ tweets.

Throwing promotion after promotion will just get you ignored.

Twitter is in danger of becoming like traffic exchanges in some respect. Users are promoting link after link and hoping someone will click-through to their sales or opt in page.

Unfortunately, these people totally ignore any of your tweets regardless of how good they may be.

I have appealed my sentence and asked for leniency being a first time offender but so far have not had a reply. Not even one telling me to forget it.

I appreciate that Twitter and indeed all sites that have such interaction need to moderate the behaviour of their users, but they don’t need to be so almighty about it.

To the Future

Dave Whitworth


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My Hobbies

This will be a short post as I don’t want to bore you with my hobbies which are pretty boring for someone else to read about.

Over the years I have had many hobbies which have mostly been sports related.

Football, Cricket, Basketball, Badminton, Cycling, Fishing Walking and following on from that theme, keeping fit.

I no longer play football or cricket and the fishing is only done a couple of times a year except when I go on holiday to the Norfolk Broads (in a few weeks) where I will fish everyday.

Which reminds me, last weekend was my birthday and my step-kids got me a card which said ‘Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he’ll sit in a boat all day drinking beer….!

Very appropriate I thought.

Back to my hobbies I cycle twice a week play Badminton once a week and get to the gym as many times as I can.

Occasionally I will drag my wife (Christine) out for a walk, but she is a bit of a fair weather walker and we don’t get much fair weather in the North West of England.

Around 20 years ago when I was playing Cricket every week, I dived to field a ball and my knee took the full force. To cut a long story short, I have had knee problems on occasions ever since.

This is one of those occasions and I have been struggling for a number of weeks with my Badminton.

I decided to give it a rest until after my holidays as I played through the pain around 3 years ago until it completely went and I missed 9 months of playing.

Obviously as we get older our bodies take more time to recover from injury and we have to be more responsible than we may have been in our younger days.

I am not sure if my sentiments come across in my writing but to say I am not happy with the onset of time would be an understatement.

I no longer class Internet Marketing as an hobby as I have changed my mindset to become a serious marketer and if you treat something as an hobby that is what it always will be.

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Welcome To My Blog

Welcome To My Blog

If you have read my about page you will have a bit of an idea who I am.

I am writing this blog as part of John Thornhill’s Personal Coaching Program I have subscribed to John’s newsletter for a number of years but unfortunately they got lost in the thousands of others. I recently left my old PC to gather dust along with the thousands of unread emails and unread ebooks.

I bought a new laptop and within 6 months I currently have 12677 unread emails and growing.

Somehow I read one of John’s about how he is now offering his coaching program for $19.99. When it was released a few years earlier it was $497. He decided to re-release it with one or two updates.

His reason for doing it is two-fold. I believe him to be a genuine guy who is prepared to give first to receive.

If you like this program he will no doubt offer you something more comprehensive down the line.

I am glad I found his email and now I have a folder just for John’s newsletter and lessons.

If you are a newbie or someone who is struggling online then this could be just the thing for you. Everything is broken down into easy lessons and the video training walks you through exactly what to do. Anyway, I didn’t intend this post to be a review of any product so here is what I am hoping to achieve.

It is my intention with this blog to post exactly what I am doing online (warts and all) and also my hobbies.

I have for many years treated the whole Internet Marketing scene as a hobby. Luckily I realised that to get anywhere online you have to be focused and the real way to success is to follow someone who is successful themselves.

I joined a coaching program by Liz Tomey ‘My Quick Cash Workshop’, and whilst I was checking it out I came across John’s coaching program.

Liz’s is a 5 module course delivered over 5 weeks and John’s is over 16 weeks.

I decided I would do both at the same time, which could have its own problems as I am trying to stay focused and actually finishing something off.

Sometimes you have to force yourself to complete something and not give up.

Does this sound familiar to you?

I have that many ebooks, software programs and courses on my hard drive I could start my own virtual library. I wouldn’t be able to read them all even if I lived to 100.

If I had followed someone who knew what they were doing in the first place I would have saved a fortune.

I used to convince myself that I was spending money on something I enjoyed doing and I would only spend it in the pub or on other things if I wasn’t spending it online.

Today, I still am a sucker for a good sales page but now I convince myself if I buy anything it is for two reasons.

1. It must be something I would use and not leave on my hard drive wasting away.

2. If I bought it to review, it must be something I would gladly recommend.

I still do buy a lot of things but I will gladly get a refund if it is not up to standard.

In fact, just writing this down has made me realise I have a number of products waiting for me to check them out so I will leave you here while I go and do some work.

Til next time.

Dave W

P.S. If you are spending far too much time and money chasing the Automated Income System then stop right now. Invest your hard-earned cash in a coaching program which has been proven to work. TAKE ACTION AND FOLLOW IT THROUGH.

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