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Having built two membership sites using Profits Theme I had to check out the new plugin from the creators.

It is called PT Instant and it allows you to create corporate style sales pages and different types of squeeze pages.

Now, maybe because I already used Profits Theme and I was used to it’s design, I found it really easy to use. I will admit to that not usually being the case when I try something new. I usually have to go through things a couple of times before it sinks in.

Call me stupid. Call me Nancy if it makes you feel better, but with PT Instant I got it in an Instant! See what I did there?

I hate creating sales pages and I probably would have more of my own products in the marketplace if I found sales page creation easy.

Also, the cost of having mini site graphics created is another reason that PT Instant appeals. When you are shelling out over $100 to have the graphics created and then you have to sit down and create the sales copy it can be a time consuming and costly process.

PT Instant allows you to add as much content or as little as you please. If you are creating a corporate style sales page you just have to add your products benefits and you are off.

Obviously, for the more creative amongst us, you can still add your sales pitch and make it in to a long drawn out (yawn) sales page if you must.

Come on, have you ever started to read a sales page and by the time you got to the end you forgot what it is you might be buying? Or is it just an age thing?

Anyhow, I bought it at the launch price of $47 and I would say it is a bargain. If you are reading this and the price has gone up to $97 then I would say it is still a bargain.

Making squeeze pages is so easy to do and you can make those scenic background ones in minutes. Personally I think they could have come up with some better backgrounds than they have but you can always add your own to make it completely unique.

Do you use an exit splash on your sites? I have a number of sites that uses Dave Guindon’s Exit Splash and whilst they can be annoying when overused they do work.

With Exit Splash you have to create the code to add to your website and upload the php file to your server. With PT Instant you just tick a box and add the URL to take them to on exit. You can change the warning message to whatever you like. It really is easy to do.

Now, maybe I should have mentioned this at the start of the post but PT Instant only works on WordPress blogs. I think because I said ‘new plugin’ I assumed you would know what I was talking about. If you already knew what I was talking about I apologize for this sentence. If you didn’t know that I meant it was a WordPress Plugin and you got this far to only realize you don’t do WordPress and this plugin is useless to you then you need to get  WordPressing asap.

Yesterday I had a little play with it (behave). I created a new sales page for my Traffics Cool site and whilst it is not completely finished it looks a lot better than it did before. http://www.traffics-cool.com.

That took me a couple of hours to do and was a stress free experience not like my usual hair tearing experiences with other sales pages.

I also did a quick squeeze page which uses the share function. You can give something away in exchange for a share on Facebook or Twitter. That took me 10 minutes and whilst it is really basic I like it. http://www.viralreportprofits.com/traffic-insider/

You can get a lot more creative if you wish and all that remains for me to say is get yourself PT Instant and save yourself a lot of money and stress.

Check it out for yourself. Watch the video to see what it can do for you http://davewhitworth.com/likes/PTInstant.

Let me know what you think of it in the comments below.

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