Yesterday I had one of my accounts suspended by Twitter and I am not happy.

It is not their fault. I was using an automated software called TweetAdder, and if I am totally honest (which I am) I was overusing it.

I set it up to follow and unfollow and to auto tweet as set out in the videos but then I changed a few settings added more tweets which then bordered on spamming if not actually spamming.

It is a great piece of software if you use it carefully but beware Twitter doesn’t like automation and I can empathise with that but some tweets just cry out to be automated.

In reality, the best way to use twitter is to build who you are following and your followers slowly and tweet some ‘real’ tweets.

Throwing promotion after promotion will just get you ignored.

Twitter is in danger of becoming like traffic exchanges in some respect. Users are promoting link after link and hoping someone will click-through to their sales or opt in page.

Unfortunately, these people totally ignore any of your tweets regardless of how good they may be.

I have appealed my sentence and asked for leniency being a first time offender but so far have not had a reply. Not even one telling me to forget it.

I appreciate that Twitter and indeed all sites that have such interaction need to moderate the behaviour of their users, but they don’t need to be so almighty about it.

To the Future

Dave Whitworth


    JVZoo Product Feed