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Recently I have had two holidays to look forward to. One I am just back from, which was a great week on the Norfolk Broads with my family and the next one at the end of this month is a lads trip to Benidorm.

Now getting back to my subject line. Whilst dreaming of our holidays my wife decided she would join Weight Watchers as she felt she had put on a little weight.

She even bought some scales and I said I would weigh myself but being an active gym goer, playing badminton and cycling there would be no problem.

“What the …. you have bought a dud set of scales” I said.

Obviously she hadn’t and I had put on almost 28 lb in 2 years and all whilst still exercising regularly.

So on the 22nd February 2012 my weight was 15 st 2 lb (I still haven’t got the hang of kg).

This is were the mind part comes in…

As my holidays and weight loss were now firmly in place in my mind, I found I was becoming less interested in my online activities.

I feel the reason for this is twofold.

Firstly I now had a fight with my weight which I wasn’t prepared to lose and secondly for a while now I haven’t felt I was getting anywhere online. I was working long hours and for very little reward.

A meeting with my accountant confirmed my fears that my online account was well and truly in the red.

Time to rethink my strategy and take a long look at where I had spent my money and what has and hasn’t worked.

After my next trip (if I survive) I will have a full evaluation and post here exactly what has happened and what I am doing to correct it.

Enough doom and gloom and back to my fitness regime.

A while ago I bought rights to a number of membership sites and one of them was about fitness.

As I have been going to the gym for years and probably in a rut I decided to give it a try http://davewhitworth.com/resources/IdealFitnessSystem

Following the principles of the early lessons I soon realized that I was probably doing too much cardio and not enough weights.

Anyway, I had to slightly adapt it to suit my cycling and badminton but 16 weeks later I have lost 23 lbs and that is with a week away when food and drink was not restricted.

So overall I am delighted with my fitness results and when I concentrate on my online efforts once again I will turn around what at this moment is rather disappointing but not yet terminal.

Watch this space!



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