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October 25, 2020 Comments (0) News

‘Bookings through the roof’: Broads boat firms selling out for 2021

If we are out of the woods by 2021 Broads Hire Companies forecast a remarkably busy 2021.

Whilst 2020 has been a bit (understatement) of a strange time, 2021 if we have the pandemic under control will see the rivers extremely busy.

Is this a good or bad thing?

On one hand, you have the area booming again with visitors eager to spend money on the various delights on offer. I wonder if all those who vehemently told others to stay away from the area will now remove the blockades.

On the other hand, you have the many new visitors to the Broads who haven’t quite got the relaxed, slow down attitude required for an enjoyable time for all.

There have been many reports of speeding, collisions, and cruising in the dark when crews struggle to find a mooring.

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