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October 28, 2020 Comments (0) News

Cranswick Factory Coronavirus Outbreak

Cranswick is in the Breckland area of Norfolk and only a stone’s throw from Broadland which has also seen cases rise. It is fair to say that the whole country is seeing rises in cases and the government are trying to find a way of slowing it down.

If some recent comments on Facebook Groups are anything to go by a certain number of locals will no doubt blame the increase on visitors to the area. This report may get them to look a little closer to home.

It is my opinion that as more tests are carried out more positive cases will be found. The chart below compares confirmed cases from lockdown to recently up to October 18th. I could be way off the mark here but back in April wasn’t it only people admitted to hospital that were tested? If they had done tests on anyone who had symptoms would it have been far higher or is my thinking way off the charts?

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