Possible Cancellation of October’s Trip

October 25, 2020 Comments (0) Trips

October Cancelled Next One Is February

Even though I am rapidly losing faith in the government we decided to follow guidelines and stay at home this time.

We have had two weeks on the Broads this year so it’s not as bad as some have suffered.

I have resurrected this blog to keep me occupied and planned to go for walks with Christine but looking at the forecast we might have to use the treadmill.

I started to go over some Facebook Groups and posted links to my recent quizzes. My post got deleted in one group because my rant contravened their terms of no political comment. It is their prerogative, but this pandemic and how the government and opposition are handling it shouldn’t be censored. My rant was how I think both parties are just taking opposite stances and how it affected my Broads trip.

I don’t intend dwelling on things that are not Broads related and if you have any stories you would like to share about your Broads holiday then please email me at dave @ davewhitworth. com (remove spaces) and I will post them in a guest section.

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