Any useful resources I come across will be listed here. Please comment below any you have found to be useful to you.

One website I use a lot is it has many things that I find useful like the distance calculator and the section on where to moor.

Another site I use before each trip and sometimes during the trip is From the home page you can click on the tide link and it tells you the state of the tide in real time.

There is also a facility to print off a tide table in advance of your trip. As with any site that gives tide calculations they can sometimes differ on the day and if you are planning to go through Great Yarmouth it is always best to check with the guys at the Yacht Station the best time for you to cross. They will ask how much clearance you need which should be stated on the dashboard of your boat or inside the skipper’s manual. Ring them on 01493 842794 or 07766 398238.